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Taking an older or an existing garment  and recreating it, making it into something exciting and  NEW. In most cases, our focus is on transforming jeans into skirts, dresses and coats...but we are not limited to that. Reconstruction is a delicate process. During the consultation, the Designer will advise you if she can go forward with your  request

A 50% non - refundable  deposit is due before the process starts.

Scheduled via phone, text or email after payment of the deposit is received.  Provide contact information at checkout. The balance it due upon completion and before the design is shipped out to you or delivered to you curbside. 

 You will provide  the clothing that will be renovated , transformed  and made into another garment. Due to Covid 19, Purple will wash your item in the hottest water applicable with a mild laundry detergent before working on it.

The items provided must be clean and in good condition for this process. Please, understand that this is not a "fly by night process" and takes time. The time in which the garment is completed is based on  the calendar ( "first come first serve basis"). It could possibly take up to two weeks for a project to be completed. This will be discussed during the  brief consultation which can take place via Zoom, text messaging or a combination thereof.

In some instances, Purple will construct  one of a kind reconstructed garments from previous designs for clients to purchase. 

The price for this service will vary based on the complexity of the garment , techniques utilized , time involved.....and what you are wanting the garment to become.  Generally, as listed , the fee is $175 , but  can increase to $300 or higher based on the above statement(complexity)or decrease.  Once again we try to limit our transformations to unique skirts, dresses, coats from jeans some other garments.

The  Fashion Designer requires "creative autonomy."

Consultation (30min) included in the fee